Rev. Catherine CarverDear Viewers,

Many years ago I found an anonymous saying on a card that I have lived by and considered in all things.

The sayings was as follows,

“Let me not know and understand the human race, but the human being. For therein lies a unique creature. Never before and never again.”

This one thought has directed my choices and led me down interesting roads. From motherhood and trying to figure out the needs of my children, to teacher, director of a center in a university, and finally into the holistic healing arena. I was chosen for the profession and was made aware of it at age 3. Each of my choices in life brought me closer and closer to this point of ministry work that I am living today. Having a masters level degree with an emphasis on psychology and communications, as well as practice as a licensed massage therapist, makes me a professional in this line of work.

Being present for my clients' needs in spiritual healing, in celebrations, and in mourning, I am living the life I was created to live. I believe this to be so. It doesn't matter about your faith, faith practice or orientation to religion or not, I will guide you to create an event that is meaningful, rich and full.

I have been given many opportunities to practice unconditional love in my life, and in my ministry I have noted it is not so much about the main event, person involved, but about the people in the lives of the one celebrating. Helping people accept the choices of a loved one in marriage, commitment celebrations, baptisms, or celebrations of life.

I hope I can serve you in your time of need. From counseling to marriage, and from birth celebrations to celebrations of life when it is time to cross over. I have done all of these.


Rev. Catherine Carver


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