sunrise image“Catherine Carver led our newborn daughter’s Christian dedication. We had family and friends that attended the service. Catherine did a tremendous job – the ceremony was heartfelt, thoughtful, and meaningful. She is a close friend of the family and knows us well. She tailored the program to meet our needs. The experience was a delight!”
—Sally and Eric West


“When Brian and I made the decision to marry in February, 2010 we had a lot of important choices to make. One of the most important was our officiant. We decided to use Catherine above all others because of her kind heart, knowledge and genuine care she had for both of us. It was extremely important to her that our day was special and perfect in every way. It most certainty was... Thanks Catherine for a day to remember!”
—Brian and Brooke Soul, Concord, NC


sunset image“Catherine Carver, A Friend in Need:
I have known Catherine for a number of years. I first met her when she was earning her accreditation in massage therapy. I asked her to come to see my mother-in-law who was confined to her bed most of the time. Catherine came and gave her gentle massage, always soothing her and relaxing her with her touch and with her voice. After my mother-in-law passed away, Catherine remained a friend. When my husband's brother suffered a series of strokes, Catherine was a person I could talk to and who could help me through the stressful times of care-giving. When Jerry died, Catherine was the person we called on to conduct a graveside funeral for him. A small group of family and neighbors came to the cemetery where Catherine gathered us into a circle. She read poetry and spoke briefly of Jerry's difficult life, of the struggles he had faced, then led us in conversation and stories about our relationships with him. We left the graveside feeling good about him and that Jerry is truly in a better place, at last. She was the perfect person who could convey this hope to me and to my husband. My husband and I feel that we can say just about anything to Catherine and she will give us honest feedback, reliable advice, and spiritual comfort. I feel that she has somehow opened her heart and her mind to God's grace and that she has a deeper understanding of this grace than many are capable of having. That, in my mind, means that she can help others to get closer to our spiritual sides and closer to God; to be more able to feel this grace that is already around us and freely given.”

— Norma Tomb, Raleigh, NC


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